we can understand almost anything, but we can't understand how we understand


One of these questions will need to be addressed in order to comply with the IB Diploma program.

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Understand How to problem solve through critical thinking:


Imagine waking up one day to discover that Martians have landed on Earth. Fortunately, they are benign, curious and highly intelligent - and they are keen to laern about human civilization. You begin by telling them something about our mathematical and scientific theories, and they quickly grasp what you are talking about. You then show them some of our technological and engineering achievements - skyscrapers, planes and computers - and they are quite impressed. Your brief account of human history also interest them. You then take them to an art gallery. They are completely baffled. ¨But what is this stuff for?¨, they ask. You mumble something about art illuminating the human condition. ¨This stuff illuminates the human condition?¨, they ask in genuine surprise as you stroll through the modern art section. You then take them to a concert to listen to Bach´s St Mathew Passion, but for all the pleasure it gives them you might as well take them to listen to the roar of traffic on a busy intersection. They simply cannot see the difference between music and noise. Finally, you get them to read a selection of plays, novels and poems. When they ask if War and Peace is true, you explain to them that literature is concerned not with fact but with fiction. The Martians quickly lose interest in this stuff called literature and cannot see why anyone is interested in heaps of words that contain nothing but falsehoods. ¨If you want to understand human beings¨, they say, ¨why not simply study history, psychology and anthropology?¨

How would you go about trying to explain to the Martians the difference between art and non-art? And how would you try to convince them of the value of art?
View the video below and be prepared to discuss and write about your own definition of art: